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Accession Number:  6242437

Document Type: Journal Paper

Title: Third-order relativistic dynamics: classical spinning particle travelling in a plane

Author(s): Matsyuk, R.

Source: Condensed Matter Physics vol.1, no.3(15) : 453-62, 1998

Language: English

Treatment: Theoretical or Mathematical

Abstract: Mathisson's "new mechanics" of a relativistic spinning particle is shown to follow in the case of planar motion, from only general requirements of relativistic invariance and of the dependence on third order derivatives along with the "variationality" feature. The hamiltonian counterpart ultimately recovers the Dixon equations for this case with the Pirani supplementary condition.

Controlled Indexing: relativistic mechanics; special relativity

Uncontrolled Indexing: third-order relativistic dynamics; classical spinning particle; planar motion; relativistic invariance; variationality feature; hamiltonian counterpart; Dixon equations; Pirani supplementary condition

Classification Code(s):
A0330 Special relativity

Author Address: Inst. of Appl. Problems of Mech. & Math., Acad. of Sci., Lvov, Ukraine

Publisher: Natl. Acad. Sci. Ukr, Ukraine

Number of References: 13

Abstract Number: A1999-12-0330-003


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