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Accession Number:  2719272

Document Type: Journal Paper

Title: Lagrangian analysis of the third-order invariant equations of motion in the relativistic mechanics of classical particles

Author(s): Matsyuk, R.Ya.

Source: Soviet Physics - Doklady vol.30, no.6 : 458-60, June 1985

Original Source: Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR vol.282, no.4-6 : 841-4, June 1985

Language: English

Treatment: Theoretical or Mathematical

Abstract: The author examines the question of the existence of the invariant third-order Euler-Poisson equations in a pseudo-Euclidean space. Locally, the variational problem is determined by a Lagrangian density L(t,x,v,v')dt in the space of second-order jets J/sub 2/(R,R/sup n-1/). The author shows that the proposed method for finding the invariant Euler-Poisson equations is much more general than the methods arising from the Lagrangian.

Controlled Indexing: relativistic mechanics

Uncontrolled Indexing: Lagrangian analysis; third-order invariant equations of motion; relativistic mechanics; classical particles; invariant third-order Euler-Poisson equations; pseudo-Euclidean space; variational problem; Lagrangian density; second-order jets

Classification Code(s):
A0330 Special relativity

Author Address: Inst. of Appl. Problems of Mech. & Math., Acad. of Sci., L'vov, Ukrainian SSR, USSR

Country of Translation: USA

Number of References: 14

Abstract Number: A86093637


CODEN of Original: DANKAS

ISSN: 0038-5689

ISSN of Original: 0002-3264

U.S. Copyright Clearance Center Code: 0038-5689/85/060458-03$02.20

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