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Accession Number:  2840355

Document Type: Journal Paper

Title: Lagrangian analysis of invariant third-order equations of motion in relativistic mechanics of classical particles

Author(s): Matsyuk, R.Ya.

Source: Soviet Physics - Doklady vol.30, no.11 : 923-5, Nov. 1985

Original Source: Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR vol.285, no.1-3 : 327-30, Nov. 1985

Language: English

Treatment: Theoretical or Mathematical

Abstract: Interest has recently increased in the description of motion of classical scalar and spin particles in gauge and gravitational fields. The author has shown that in certain cases the Mathisson equation and the equation of geodesic circles can be considered in the context of Ostrogradskii's mechanics and Kawaguchi's geometry.

Controlled Indexing: relativistic mechanics

Uncontrolled Indexing: Lagrangian analysis; invariant third-order equations of motion; relativistic mechanics; classical particles; Mathisson equation; equation of geodesic circles; Ostrogradskii's mechanics; Kawaguchi's geometry

Classification Code(s):
A0330 Special relativity

Author Address: Inst. of Appl. Problems of Mech. & Math., Acad. of Sci., L'vov, Ukrainian SSR, USSR

Country of Translation: USA

Number of References: 15

Abstract Number: A87035274


CODEN of Original: DANKAS

ISSN: 0038-5689

ISSN of Original: 0002-3264

U.S. Copyright Clearance Center Code: 0038-5689/85/110923-03$02.20

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