The programme of the school includes series of main lectures, workshop and poster session. The following programme is tentative and it will be updated regularly. 

19th Summer School on Global Analysis and its Applications - Symmetries

Plenary Lectures

Series of lectures, devoted to the foundations, includes:

Prof. Hernán Cendra Examples of Application of Dirac Structures (Abstract)

Prof. Peter Hydon - Symmetry Methods for Differential and Difference Equations (Abstract)

Prof. Valentin Lychagin - Symmetries, invariants and factor-equations  (Abstract)


The goal is to present recent results in the theory and applications of symmetries. Contributions in analysis, differential geometry, mechanics and field theory are welcome. Presentations of posters are also possible.

Edition of the Extended Abstract Book, including main lectures and participants’ contributions presented at the Summer School, is intended. In case of interest, please send your extended abstract to not later than 1 August 2014. Preferably, it should be prepared in LaTeX (a file prepared in MS Word is also acceptable), containing a title, author(s) and the corresponding addresses, key words, and MSC 2010 (see a Sample).


Anusuya Ghosh: Characterization of boundedly semidefinite representable sets

Igor Khavkine: Topology, rigid cosymmetries and linearization instability in higher gauge theories 

Demeter Krupka: The Noether theorems and natural variational principles

Miroslav Kures: Semiholonomic Velocities and Contact Elements: An Algebraic Approach I, II (Abstract)

Nicoletta Voicu: Variational completion of differential equations and energy-momentum tensors

Jiří Tomáš: to be announced

Zbynek Urban: Invariant Lepage forms on Grassmann fibrations: Examples

Poster Session

Mohamed Amine Bahayou: Flat contravariant connections

Belgacem Chaouchi: Semigroup’s approach to the study of the Hölder continuous regularity for Laplace equation in nonsmooth domain 

Ilyes Chorfi: Chain-ladder with bivariate development factors

Ishak Derrardjia: The boundedness and stability by Krasnoselskii's theorem in totally nonlinear neutral differential equations

Kouider Djerfi: Eigenvalue Problems and Geometry

Krzysztof Drachal: Some methods of differential spaces in spacetime geometry

Ismail Gok: Notes on slant curves in Sasakian 3-manifolds

Iulia Elena Hirica: to be announced

Kamel Ali Khelil: Existence and periodicity for solutions of delay differential equations

Mohamed Menad: Global existence of solutions for non-linear damped wave equations

Bilel Neggal: Wavelet-Galerkin method for solving ill-posed integral equations of the first kind

Murat Olgun: Principal functions of non-selfadjoint matrix Sturm-Liouville equations

Jan Pitel: Nonlinear Static Characteristic of Pneumatic Muscle Actuator

Kamel Tahri: Fourth order equation on Riemannian manifolds

Eriko Tanaka: Energy-momentum currents in Finsler/Kawaguchi Lagrangian formulation

Jana Volná: Representation of variational sequences

Seyhmus Yardimci: Numerical computation and properties of the two dimensional exponential integrals


Time Schedule (tentative)

Monday 25 August
9:00 Opening the Summer School
9:15-12:30 Lectures
15:00-17:00 Workshop

Tuesday 26 August
9:00-12:30 Lectures
15:00  Visit of Lednice chateau grounds

Wednesday 27 August

Thursday 28 August
9:00-12:30 Lectures
15:00-17:00 Workshop, Poster session

Friday 29 August
9:00-12:30 Lectures
18:00 Farewell party

Saturday 30 August
9:00-12:30 Lectures