Olga Rossi Commemorative Meeting

Monday 22 August will be dedicated to scientific and commemorative talks in honor of Professor Olga Rossi. The meeting is organized by LRI and VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, in close collaboration with the University of Ostrava. If you are interested to participate and/or to give a talk, please let us know.

Location:  VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

Program of talks: PDF (tentative)

Fee:   There is no conference fee

Further details:  If you require assistance with transportation, accommodation, or have other questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact:  Olga Krupkova (

Main Lectures - Monday 22. afternoon till Friday 26.

A) Geometric Mechanics and Control Theory (C. Liu, J. Xiong, D. Zenkov)

B) Variational Geometry: General Relativity (D. Krupka)

Symmetry Reduction and stability analysis in nonholonomic systems (by Caishan Liu and Jiaming Xiong)

  • 1.  The relative equilibria and stability analysis for a specific Voronents system.
  • 2.  Rattleback dynamics and its stability;
  • 3.  The dynamics of a bicycle moving on a surface of revolution.
  • 4.  Bicycle control based on servo-constraint and experimental validation;
  • 5.  Singularity in rigid body dynamics

Geometric Mechanics and Control (D. Zenkov)

  • 1.  Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, structure-preserving properties.
  • 2.  Canonical transformations and the optical-mechanical analogue.
  • 3.  Mechanics on Lie groups and dynamics of rigid bodies.
  • 4.  Introduction to discrete mechanics and variational integrators.

Variational geometry: General relativity (D. Krupka)

  • 1.  Variational structures
  • 2.  Differential invariants: metric fields, connections
  • 3.  Natural variational principles
  • 4.  Variational principles: General relativity
  • 5.  Energy-momentum tensors: Discussion


For interested participants we expect to have 2 afternoons available for shorter 30 min. presentations devoted to recent research results. These will be selected by organizers in advance. Moreover, we expect to have a poster session for other participants. 

J. Gao • Normal Structure, Some Geometric Constants and Fix Points for Non-Expansive Mappings in Banach Spaces.

J. Kijowski • Higher order variational principles. Higher order curvature tensors.

K. Marathe • What is physical mathematics?

D. Saunders • Linearizing connections – the jet approach.

S. Singh • Multiscale modelling and Geometry mechanics of human carotid artery.

Social program

On Wednesday 24., we offer two kinds of trips, either Hradec nad Moravici Castle and the historical City of Opava, or the Mining Museum in the Landek Park.

On Friday 26. evening, a conference dinner will take place in the Zabreh Chateau restaurant.