The Lepage Research Institute

The Lepage Research Institute (LRI) is an international non-profit research organization established in 2012 by Professor Demeter Krupka and an international group of senior experts and junior scientists. Its programme is basic research in mathematical sciences on the frontiers of differential geometry, mathematical analysis, optimization and control, the calculus of variations, and applications of mathematical concepts and methods in physics, engineering and other sciences.

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25th International Summer School will take place at the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, in August 22--26, 2022.

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University of Presov, 17. novembra 1, Slovakia

Academic year 2020/21

1) A course on Jet Theory and Applications (J. Brajercik, D. Krupka)

2) Variational Geometry (D. Krupka, further contributors and guests)

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