The program of the school includes series of main lectures, workshop and poster session. The following programme is tentative and it will be updated regularly. 


Series of lectures, devoted to the foundations, includes:

Salvatore Capozziello - Mathematical Foundations of Metric-Affine Theories of Gravity

Demeter Krupka - The Variational Foundations of General Relativity Theory (PDF Abstract)

A research monograph on mathematical foundations of general relativity theory, including the series of lectures (Capozziello, Krupka), is planned for publishing by Atlantis Press scientific publisher.


The goal is to present recent results in mathematics and general relativity theory, its extensions, and applications. Presentations of posters are also possible. The concrete workshop program of oral contributions will be scheduled with respect to the number of registered talks.

An issue of the International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics (World Scientific), including contributions presented at the summer school, will be published under standard review process.

The book of extended abstracts including courses lectures, workshop contributions and posters will be published before the school and also, after possible extension, after the school. Please send a LaTeX file of an extended abstract to not later than 1 August 2015 (see the sample PDF / TeX ).

Plenary lectures

Vladimir Chernov: Linking, causality and smooth structures on spacetimes (PDF Abstract)

Marco Ferraris: On the variational structure of Einstein’s equations

Jerzy Kijowski: Universality of Einstein theory of gravitation

Marcella Palese: Invariant variational problems and cohomology (PDF Abstract)

Istvan Racz: The many faces of the constraints in general relativity (PDF Abstract)

Miguel Sánchez: Some links between Lorentzian and Finslerian  geometries (PDF Abstract)

Gennady Sardanashvily: Gauge gravitation theory. Gravity as a Higgs field (PDF Abstract)

Nicoleta Voicu: Energy-momentum tensor and variational completion (PDF Abstract)


Rosalio Artes: Uncertainty Principle in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces 

Andrzej Borowiec: Palatini cosmological models: dynamical system approach

Francisco Bulnes: Integral Geometry Methods on Derived Categories and their Moduli Stacks in the Space-Time (PDF Abstract)

Rogerio Cavalcanti: The McVittie black string-like with variable brane tension (Poster)

David Devadze: Some Numerical Algorithms for Solving Optimal Control Problems for Differential Equations with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions

Krzysztof Drachal: On Schmidt's b-boundary in the category of differential spaces

Zdenek Dusek: Differential Invariants

Naiereh Elyasi: Super Lie algebroids and their applications in general relativity

Cristian Erices: Massless scalar field stationary solutions 

Gabor Etesi: Exotica or the failure of the strong cosmic censorship in four dimensions (PDF Abstract)

Maman Fathurrohman: Mathematical Study of Orbital Moving Objects

Franco Fiorini: Some regular states in Born-Infeld gravity 

Artur Giżycki: Groupoids and symmetry

Graham Hall, Bahar Kirik: Holonomy theory and recurrence of tensors on 4-dimensional manifolds

Iulia Hirica: Evolution of Kahler-Riemann type flows

Márton Horváth: Harmonic manifolds and the volume of tubes about curves (Poster)

Eyo Ita: Intrinsic Time Quantum Geometrodynamics

Hassan Jolany: Kahler Ricci flow and General Relativity

Igor Khavkine: A polynomial action for gravity with matter, gauge fixing and ghosts

Giorgi Khimshiashvili: Loop groups and generalized Ernst equation 

Artur Kuleshov: On intrinsical clothing of three-regular family of hyperplane elements in projective space 

Rakesh Kumar: Characterization of holomorphic sectional curvature of GCR-lightlike submanifold of an indefinite nearly Kaehler manifold

Miroslav Kureš: Toupin subgroups of jet groups and symmetry

Robert Lompay: Covariant Conservation Laws in Metric-Torsion Theories of Gravitation

Vahid Mohebbi: Equilibrium Problems

Stepan Moskaliuk: Category of Noncommutative Einstein Spaces

Herlina Napitupulu: Global Optimization using Filled Function Method (Poster)

Mohamed Nehari: Existence of Solutions for a Quasilinear Elliptic Equation with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions on Time Scales (poster)

Kenneth Nordtvedt: Obtaining General Relativity's N-body Lagrangian to all orders by iterative linear algebraic equations

Jorge Ovalle: Beyond Einstein Gravity: the Geometric Deformation 

Jafar Sadeghi: Very special relativity and algebra

Ciprian Sporea: Scattering of massive fermions on Schwarzschild black holes 

Dávid Szeghy: Differentiability of horizons 

Kamel Tahri: Multiplicity Result of Fourth Order Equation on Compact Riemannian Manifold (Poster) 

Zbynek Urban: Metrizable and Invariant Connections

Dimitri Vey: Advanced multisymplectic formulation of vierbein gravity 

Ekkehart Winterroth, Marcella Palese: Topological obstructions in Lagrangian field theories (with an application to Chern-Simons gauge theories)

Anera Wojnar: Lie methods for solving the classical solutions of the field equations in Bianchi scalar field cosmology and Wheeler-DeWitt equation

Faen Wu: Clasfication of quadratic harmonic map of 7-sphere into itself

Social events

On Wednesday 19., we offer two kinds of trips, either Spis Castle and Town of Levoca, or the Tatra mountains hike to Hrebienok and its surroundings. For the details, see PDF.

On Thursday 20. evening, a conference dinner (barbecue) will take place near the summer school venue in Stara Lesna.