The program of the school includes series of main lectures, workshop and poster session. The following programme is tentative and is updated regularly.

The preliminary timetable of the Scientific Program: PDF


A) Salvatore Capozziello - Physical and Mathematical Applications of Extended Gravity,

    Gennadi Sardanashvily - Noether theorems and applications (PDF)

B) David Saunders - Cartan geometries and Lie algebroids (PDF Abstract)


The goal is to present recent results in differential geometry and general relativity theory, its extensions, and applications. Presentations of posters are also possible. The concrete workshop program of oral contributions will be scheduled with respect to the number of registered talks.

Workshop talks

Sebastian Bahamonde: Cosmology in f(T,B) gravity

Gourab Bhattacharya: A Dual version of Narsimhan-Seshadri Theorem in Seiberg - Witten Gauge Theories

Konstantinos Dialektopoulos: Cosmological solutions in f(G,T) gravity

Artur Gizycki: Representation of transformation groupoids and imprimitivity systems

Manuel Hohmann: Finsler spacetimes with spherical and cosmological symmetry

Eliška Klozová: Higher-Dimensional Rotating Black Holes

Demeter Krupka: Natural Lagrange Structures

Martin Krssak: Generalized Teleparallel Gravity Theories

Robert Lompay: Covariant Conservation Laws in Gauge Theories

Chayan K. Mishra: Curvature Inheritance Symmetry

Stepan Moskaliuk: Metric uncertainty principle in geometrodynamics

Jafar Sadeghi: The correction of Horava-Lifshitz black hole from holographic and P-V critically

Marek Szydlowski: Sewn singularities-a new type of singularities in f(R) Palatini cosmology

Dmitry Zenkov: On Hamel's Equations for Infinite-Dimensional Mechanical Systems

Social program

Two excursions on Wednesday August 17th will be organized. We offer either Kezmarok Castle and Belianska Cave, or a hiking trip to the Slovak Paradise national park.

Visitors of the Belianska Cave are suggested to have warm clothes, and hiking boots for the Slovak Paradise visitors are advisable.

On Thursday 18th evening, a conference dinner will take place in Poprad.