The program of the school includes series of main lectures, workshop and poster session. The following programme is tentative and is updated regularly.

The timetable of the Scientific Program: PDF


A) Geometric Mechanics and Control: Examples (Caishan Liu)

Contents: tba

B) General relativity: Foundations and Current Research (Salvatore Capozziello)


Part I: General Relativity (Foundations)
Gravity and Acceleration, The Equivalence Principle, Geometry and Gravity, Physics and Gravity (The Geodesic Equations, Connections and Metric, Geodesic Motion, Weak Gravitational Fields, Physical meaning of the Metric), The Riemann Tensor (The parallel transport along a closed curve, The Bianchi Identies, The commutation of covariant derivatives, The Ricci tensor), The Einstein Field Equations, The Stress-Energy Tensor, Experimental Tests of General Relativity

Part II: Gravitational Waves (Theory and Detection)
Gravitational Waves: the “Prova Regina”, The Theory of Gravitational Waves, The astrophysical and cosmological sources, The Gravitational waves detection, Gravitational Astronomy: THE EVENT!, Further theories, Further modes, GWs as testbed for gravitational theories, Conclusions and Outlooks


The goal is to present recent results in differential geometry, geometric control theory, and applications. Presentations of posters are also possible. The concrete workshop program of oral contributions will be scheduled with respect to the number of registered talks.

Note that the lecture series and the workshop program will be conducted independetly, so that all participants may attend both.

Workshop talks - preliminary

J. Chen, Ch. Liu, S. Liu, Y. Wang, The free motions of controllable nonholonomic mechanical systems

Z. Dusek, Homogeneous geodesics in Finsler geometry

M. Hohmann, The projective bundle formulation of Finsler geometry

J. Kijowski, The essence of gravity theory and the Einstein's "greatest mistake"

D. Krupka, Lepage forms in Finsler geometry

K. Marathe, Classical and Quantum Gravity and Mock theta functions

H. Tadano, Some New Myers--Type Theorems via $m$--Bakry--Emery Ricci Curvature

Social program