Demeter Krupka

Prof., RNDr., DrSc.

Professor of Geometry and Topology

Affiliation: Lepage Research Institute, Slovakia
E-mail: demeter.krupka-ä
Honorary Position:   Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
La Trobe University, Bundoora, 3086 Victoria, Australia
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Research Areas

  • The Calculus of Variations on Smooth Manifolds
  • Natural Bundles, Jets, and Differential Invariants
  • Tensor Algebra
  • Geometric Methods in Physics

 List of Publications (2017)

List of Citations (2017)

Available PDF copies

D. Krupka, Geometrické aspekty teorie invariantních lagrangeovských struktur, Kandidátská disertační práce, Katedra teoretické fyziky a astrofyziky, Přírodovědecká fakulta university J.E. Purkyně v Brně, Brno, 1975, 36 stran. pdf (in Czech);
English translation: D. Krupka, Geometric Aspects of the Theory of Invariant Lagrange Structures, PhD Thesis, Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Faculty of Science, J.E. Purkyne University, Brno, 36 pp. pdf

D. Krupka and J. Janyska, Lectures on Differential Invariants, J.E. Purkyne University, Brno, 1990. pdf


  1. Differential Geometry and Its Applications, Elsevier Science Publishers, Founding Editor
  2. Journal of Geometry and Physics, Elsevier Science Publishers
  3. International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, World Scientific
  4. Mathematica Bohemica, Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  5. Mathematica Slovaca, Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences
  6. Acta Universitatis Palackiensis Olomouciensis, Mathematica, Palacky University Olomouc
  7. Communications in Applied Geometry (Research India Publications)


University Textbooks

  1. D. Krupka and F. Klvana, Exercises and Solved Problems in Quantum Mechanics (in Czech), Faculty of Science, Brno University, 1973, 189 pp.
  2. D. Krupka, Mathematical Foundations of the General Relativity Theory (in Czech), Faculty of Science, Brno University, 1979, 130 pp.
  3. D. Krupka and J. Musilová, Integration on Euclidean Spaces and Manifolds (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1982, 320 pp.
  4. D. Krupka, Introduction to Analysis on Manifolds (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1986, 96 pp. pdf
  5. D. Krupka and J. Musilová, Linear and Multilinear Algebra (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1989, 281 pp.
  6. D. Krupka and O. Krupková, Topology and Geometry, Lectures and Solved Problems, I. General Topology (in Czech), SPN Praha, 1990, 404 pp.; revised edition, pdf


  1. D. Krupka and I. Horová; V.M. Alexejev, V.M. Tichomirov and S.V. Fomin, Mathematical Theory of Optimal Processes (translation from Russian to Czech), Academia, Praha, 1991.
  2. D. Krupka and I. Horová; V.M. Alexejev, E.M. Galejev and V.M. Tichomirov, Problems in Optimization Theory (translation from Russian to Czech), 1988, unpublished.