From the airport cities Košice, Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria), and Prague (Czech Republic), the town of Poprad (the railway station Poprad-Tatry) is reachable by train. For train (and bus) connection throughout Slovakia and Czech Republic the webpage is available.

The organizers offer the transport between Krakow (Poland) airport and the conference venue (approximately 2-3 hour journey, price 35 €). There is no straightforward public transport from Krakow to the conference venue.

Connection between Poprad-Tatry airport and Poprad bus station is provided by public transport.

Bus station and train station in Poprad are very close (3 minute walk). There is a bus connection from Poprad to Stará Lesná (17 km) directly, several times a day. Upon request, a car transport from Poprad to the venue might be organized.

In the case of any requirements or questions please contact the organizers at